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Everyday Ago is a creative platform & small-scale label, founded by Jean Néant, as a collaborative extension of his solo project Joni Void, in Mile-End, Montréal /Tio’tia:ke, 2018. The website was created with/by Philippe Manasseh, including visuals in collaboration by Sonya Stefan, and photography by Thomas Boucher (unless credited otherwise). A time capsule of sorts for hosting events, album releases, radio broadcasts, audio/video recordings and other creative content.

Everyday Ago’s goal is simply to help make music special again in it’s own way, by giving artists, and their art, the proper care, and space for ever-flowing creativity. It represents a DIY mentality, a necessity to let artists define their own tools and means of expression, instead of relying on higher systems, and allowing more personal, genuine relations to nurture support.

On a personal note, Everyday Ago was created in response to a collective crisis in local scenes worldwide in recent times – disillusioned by the industry, inhumane systems where creators benefit the less despite their importance, defined by people who for the most part, are not artists themselves; dominance of press, feelings of competitiveness, dependency on social media and management; untrustworthy promoters and unfriendly venues; poor attendances, absence of receptiveness at events; non-existent work conditions and lack of self-care, doubting why we still do what it is we do, where the magic went…

To remain up to date with Everyday Ago’s releases and events, please consider joining our mailing list. To contact us, send us a line at ad.wrong@gmail.com • There’s no current system in place for demo submissions or artist representation, as Everyday Ago still mostly functions through personal curation – but do not hesitate to send anything over, or simply say hi !

You can also find us on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram and Mixcloud.

Everyday Ago