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Alexia Avina + Joni Void

July 4+5+6th

Alexia Avina & Joni Void will be playing 3 very special shows, following their collaborative performance at Suoni, trying out their own ambient soundscapes and loop experimentations.



On July 4th, a return to Christ Church’s Cathedral in Hamilton, Ontario for Everyday Ago, where the platform had it’s first show. Joined by Joyful Joyful, the beloved, unique drone-hymns duo, who also had a very memorable performance when they appeared on the same Suoni/Everyday Ago show as JONINA.
local powerhouse/beat-maker NPNP will also be presenting an exclusive ambient set, to make the most use of the church’s acoustics. Co-presented with Fort Elgin
⍫Alexia Avina ⍫Joni Void ⍫Joyful Joyful ⍫NPNP

July 5th is happening at the wonderful DIY space General Assembly / Assemblée Générale in Ottawa, where Joni Void will be joined by experimental film-maker Sonya Stefan / Luna AV Performance Montreal to present their audio-visual collaboration, that was premiered at La lumière collective in May. the audio-visual theme of the night is complemented with J.V switching places to display crystal-glass visuals for Alexia’s set; and featuring T. Gowdy with an ambient/industrial piece that revolves around location-based sound/video capture, incorporated and processed into the set. lo-tide will also be performing a meditative sound-bath of lush, wish-washy textures and loops.
⍫Joni Void + Sonya Stefan ⍫Alexia Avina ⍫T. Gowdy ⍫lo-tide

and finally July 6th is the return to Montreal, just in time to celebrate Joni’s birthday in one of the most beautiful churches in town, l’Église St Edouard. Alexia and Joni will be joined by the majestic Mal Devisa, coming up from Massachusetts, for a rare performance to witness her raw, powerful, soulful songs in a setting they deserve. Joined also by ambient prodige/local sonic wizard Markus Floats.
⍫Mal Devisa ⍫Markus Floats ⍫Alexia Avina ⍫Joni Void

Each show is Pay What You Can, with a suggested donation of 10$. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Christ’s Church Cathedral and General Assembly both have accessible entrances. Eglise St Edouard is located up 2 flight of stairs

General Assembly has a limited capacity of 50-70 people, so please arrive early to ensure to have a spot – doors will be closed if capacity reached.