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Blithe Field / Spencer Radcliffe

August 31st + September 1st

Welcoming to Montreal, the visionary artist Spencer Radcliffe, from Chicago, presenting two special performances of two of his projects.

On August 31st, in the hall of the St Edouard Church, a rare occasion to witness a Blithe Field set – his beloved project of experimental instrumental works, in occasion of his latest release, Days Drift By, a masterpiece of healing, time-travel music.
Also featuring Joni Void and Sarah Pagé, performing as a duo live set for the first time, after many other collaborative projects – Harp, vocals and samples will be improvised, effected and shaped into emotionally epic soundscapes.
Constellation Records label-mate and other collaborator of Sarah Pagé, Rebecca Foon, is also part of this wonderful bill with her breathtaking, “peaceful protest” music as her renowned solo project Saltland.
☾Blithe Field  ☾Saltland  ☾Joni Void + Sarah Pagé

The following day, at the local DIY space La Plante, Spencer Radcliffe will be performing his avant-folk band material with a solo performance, for a free early evening show. As ex-roommates of the space, Joni Void and Eddie Wagner (of Jeunesse Cosmique) will also be presenting a first-time duo live set with their new project Sometimes, People – improvised jams of flute and vocals, effected into dense, psychedelic drones. and also joined on the bill by local fixture of outsider pop Hélène Barbier (who is also coincidentally originally from Lille, and a long-time friend of Spencer, like JV).
☾Spencer Radcliffe ☾Hélène Barbier ☾Sometimes, People

For the occasion, Blithe Field and Joni Void have prepared a collaborative release, the first official release of Everyday Ago – A Prayer (For Loved Ones), in which improvised takes of Organ and Bass synths by Spencer, are edited, effected, cut-up and mixed into one long time-travel soundscape by Joni Void.
Tapes are forthcoming.

Re-discover a remix by Joni Void of Blithe Field’s Love Knot, released on the b-side single of the song – a sci-fi, cinematic re-interpretation of the song, about a lone astronaut stranded on a space station, sending out distress signals.