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Delia Derbyshire Day

May 5th 2018

█◤◢ Following the initiative taken by the Manchester-based organization Delia Derbyshire Day – devoting May 5th as a day to celebrate Delia Derbyshire, the British Electronic music pioneer, born on that date in 1937 – Everyday Ago and the Concordia University Department of Music are proud to present the first Montréal based event to advance the legacy and art of this beloved artist, who to this day, still does not receive the recognition she deserves for her timeless, groundbreaking compositions. ◣◥█
█◤◢ To introduce Delia Derbyshire, the evening will begin with a screening of the short experimental documentary, The Delian Mode (2009), in presence of filmmaker Kara Blake , who will follow the projection, with a talk about the film and Delia, hosted by Mojeanne Behzadi, independent curator / director of Art Speaks. ◣◥█
█◤◢ Les Fillesharmoniques – Concordia’s All-Female and Non-Binary Electroacoustic Band, will follow with a live performance, that will feature tape manipulation, in tribute to Delia’s medium. ◣◥█
█◤◢ Closing the night, Joni Void will project an exclusive audio-visual piece, based around Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange radio piece The Dreams, and entirely made from sounds/samples of Delia Derbyshire’s output. ◣◥█
█◤◢ This event is taking place in the Grey Nuns building – 1175 rue st Mathieu GN M-100. It is Free Admission ◣◥█
█◤◢ Please respect the place, the people and the music.
Any oppressive behavior will not be tolerated. ◣◥█
█◤◢ It is our responsibility to acknowledge this event is taking place on unceded indigenous Kanien’keha:ka (Mohawk) territory know as Tio’tia:ke (“Montreal”) ◣◥█