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Sarah Pagé / Jessica Moss

Two remixes of local heroes, who both transcend the capabilities of their instrument of choice, by experimenting with its sound and effecting it through an array of pedal effects, and amps – the harp for Sarah Pagé, and violin for Jessica Moss. Both also coincidentally released defining solo albums last year, after an extensive history of performing in/with bands, and as part of other collaborative projects. These two remixes by Joni Void aim to expand the “cinematic sensibilities” both songs demonstrate, through extensive editing, restricted source-sampling, and progressive structures / unfolding sections.

On the occasion of Sarah Pagé, Jessica Moss and Joni void performing together as part of Everyday Ago’s February 9th show at La Sotterenea

Stasis originally appears on Sarah Pagé’s album Dose Curves
The remix is entirely made from the original, glass sounds and a kick drum.

Entire Populations Pt. II originally appears on Jessica Moss’ album Pools Of Light
The remix is entirely made from the original, field recordings of streets, and a bass drum