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Kazuki Koga

Originally from Japan, now residing in Montreal, Kazuki Koga is one of the most prominent figures, and perhaps the only one in Canada, of an extreme electronic subgenre, called GORGE – a dense, unforgiving sonic fury, with notable influences from footwork, breakcore, and IDM, but more importantly, a philosophy of devotion to the hardness of rocks, the challenge of the free climbing, and the sublime power of nature over any human expression – a form of “literal rock music” not only represented in sound design, but also in sampling of “rock music”, particularly devastating drums with tom’s that seem to be tumbling infinitely down steep mountainous hills.

Through his usual form of hyper-editing, Joni Void attempts to put into practice the teachings of GORGE in his own “Montag(n)e” style – no effects, only pure editing/sampling, re-arranging the parts of the original, and set to the duelling drums of Brian Chippendale and Greg Saunier, the growls of Jonathan Davis (KoRn) and shrieks of Daron Malakian (System Of A Down).

On the occasion of Kazuki Koga performing at Bruit Blanche on March 3rd.

Cascades originally appears on Kazuki Koga’s album Alleingehen 2.0