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Automatisme / Joni Void

Two of Constellation Records’ recent electronic artists, Automatisme & Joni Void join forces by remixing each other’s compositions from their latest releases on the label. Automatisme abstracts the singing bowls and industrial beats of JV’s Aesthetics of Disappearance beyond recognition, into entrancing digital processing and deconstructed rhythms. Joni Void, on the other hand, dissects the tonal layers and frequencies of Automatisme’s Simultanéité no.3, to reshape it into a cinematic re-interpretation, evoking emergency scenes through Hospital themed samples/field-recordings.

On the occasion of Automatisme and Joni Void performing at La Lumière on May 12th, 2018.

Aesthetics of Dissapearance originally appears on Joni Void’s Selfless
Simultanéité 3 originally appears on Automatisme’s Momentform Accumulations