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Alexia Avina

In her split EP with Desert Bloom, Alexia Avina’s showcased her vocal talents and improvisational capacities in the opener “If I’m The One You Need”, a gorgeous song, consisting of her softly repeating the title, looped into mesmerizing layers, surrounded by waves of glittering guitar – all recorded “in a spontaneous burst” during a bedroom session.
With an increasing obsession of working restrictively with voice as a sound source, and following a dream where the song appeared, Joni Void based a remix around Alexia’s vocals from the original, accompanied only by an added beat, minimal mood-tones and subtle samples – divided in two main sections that represent “moon/sun”, “night/day”, “dark/light” type duality – the same elements but perceived in a different light.

On the occasion of Alexia Avina and Joni Void performing as JONINA at La Vitrola on June 7th, 2018, for Suoni Per Il Popolo’s festival.

If I’m The One You Need originally appears on Alexia Avina’s Surrender EPĀ