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Kazuki Koga "Roots Gorge Archive"

Pillar figure of GORGE music, a subgenre of extreme electronic music, Kazuki Koga explores the origins of the style, with a selection of experimental pieces, that inspired its concepts and soundscapes – With ascending, mighty production; unexpected twists and dynamic shifts; and boulders of noise and crashing drums, the elements of Gorge are all to be found in this display of relentless fury, evocative of the ascent of mountains and hardness of rocks that shape the spirit of Gorge.


1. Moondog – Fujiyama 2
2. Faxed Head – i saw into the grave grave
3. Ground Zero – Paraiso 1
4. Geinohyamashirogumi – Osorezan
5. Cut Hands – Who No Know Go Knows
6. hanali – harder or hardness
7. White Noise – Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell
8. Midori Takada – Catastrope Σ

Kazuki Koga: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter

Photo by Thomas Boucher