Everyday Ago
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“A mix composed with a synth, a tape that was found on the ground (with a meandering pitch), and a snippet of a jam between lo-tide and dj ony. the field recordings are of a discussion with a geologist about the rocks on sallqantay mountain, as well as a morning with tuffs amongst the hummingbirds in a garden in the sacred valley.”


  1. lo-tide – i mean, in us
  2. lo-tide – their own little planet
  3. lo-tide – that’s fair
  4. paul kolbe (mystery tape) – “essence of tai chi”e
  5. lo-tide – beunos dīas, deliah (morning in the hummingbird garden)
  6. lo-tide & dj ony – antennas (snippet)

lo-tide: Soundcloud