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Paul De Jong

September 22+23+24


Welcoming to Montreal, Paul de Jong, cellist and collage pop musician, of the Books, hits the road in support of his newest solo record out on Temporary Residence Ltd.Pushing further into the franticly rhythmic work he brought to The Books, his solo work dips more into the avant-garde. Collaged voices murmur under squeaking noise electronics & string swells. Balancing out caustic soundscapes with frenetic beats, de Jong creates emotionally heavy compositions with an overwhelming buoyancy & hope. Progged out electronic shredders give way to vocally driven interludes. Paul switches tones and gears, but the human voice is always the unifying elements. The true bedrock of his sonic explorations. Don’t miss what is sure to be a stunning performance by this post-Books aural magician.

CHARLES SPEARIN ( https://arts-crafts.ca/music/charles-spearin.html)
Charles Spearin of Do Make Say Think (official)Broken Social Scene & The Happiness Project presents a set of solo music. Watch this space for more details on what it might be! It is a mystery!

Joni Void & Sarah Pagé (http://cstrecords.com/joni-void/)
Montreal based music concrete / avant pop artist Joni Void (Constellation Records) teams up with harpist Sarah Pagé. Joni Void weaves layers of samples, including piano phrases and fielding recordings into an intricate dance of snipped beats, sweeping loops and subtle jingles. Haunting flourishes become beautiful beats. Abstract rhythms are born out of glitched electronics alongside the swaying reverberations. Pagé offers meditative harp notes that breath as they slink through electronic processing, morphing into droning seas. Textural landscapes of scraped strings and heavy humming vibrations.